The main purpose of torsion and also spirally-wound springs is to create torque. This type of spring can be produced with great variety of hooking systems which opens up myriad applications to them.

Examples of achievements

Examples of applications

Wire diameter 0.10 mm to 14 mm
Manufacturing capacity From one-off parts to long runs
Sections Round Square
Torsion spring winding Right-hand Left-hand
Secondary operations Single torsion Double torsion with legs
Materials Mild steel Inconel Stainless steel Brass Spring steel Shape memory alloys Copper Titanium
Finishes Passivated Burnished Chrome-plated White zinc coated Cataphoresis Zinc dichromate plated Epoxy paint
Production equipment Numerically-controlled spring-coiling machines Automatic spring-coiling machines Automatic looping machines Automatic grinding machines Heat treatment air furnaces