Jacquemet Production has special metal strip working skills. We use bending, blanking, stamping and other secondary finishing operations to produce your two- or three-dimensional parts starting from your drawings and/or samples.
Our customers ask us for a wide variety of parts that we can make to order on the strength of our extensive skill set.

Examples of achievements

Examples of applications

Thicknesses Metal strip thickness from 0.15 mm to 6 mm
Manufacturing capacity From one-off parts to long runs
Secondary operations Making press tools Assembly Reworking Reworking threads Deburring Overmoulding All heat and surface treatments
Examples of fabricated parts Clamping rings Fixing lugs Metal fixing clips Stamped sheet metal Door hinges Perforated strips
Materials Carbon steel strip Drawing-quality steel Stainless steels Aluminium Coated strip metal Galvanized strip metal Electrogalvanized strip metal Pre-lacquered strip metal Spring steel Refined alloy/non-alloy structural steel IF steel Microalloyed steel Special steels with, technical and physical properties as agreed
Finishes Black zinc coated Chrome-plated White zinc coated Cataphoresis Zinc dichromate plated Epoxy paint Zinc-nickel
Production equipment Automatic presses up to 100 Tonnes Mechanical presses up to 100 Tonnes Hydraulic presses up to 100 Tonnes Multiple-slide presses up to 80 Tonnes NC lathe NC milling machine Heat treating air furnaces TIG & MIG welding