assemblage de sous-ensembles

We can mount the most complex parts that call for the assembly of metal wire, tubes, strip or sheet-metal welding, clipping together, riveting, etc. from your drawings…

Examples of achievements

Examples of applications

Manufacturing capacity From one-off parts to long runs
Secondary operations Snap-on installation Riveting Stapling Spot welding TIG/MIG welding assembly Assembly by crimping on semi-automatic machines
Materials Mild steel Inconel Galvanized mild steel Phosphor bronze Stainless steel Beryllium Spring steel Brass Bronze Titanium Shape memory alloys Copper
Finishes Black zinc-coated Zinc-nickel White zinc-coated Chrome-plated Zinc dichromate plated Cataphoresis Epoxy paint
Production equipment Welding robots Heat treating air furnaces TIG & MIG welding Automatic electric welding Spot welding