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We can manufacture metal wire mesh and trellising on our latest-generation machinery and also any kind of product in flattened and shaped mesh such as: containers, cages, protective screens, baskets, welded wire mesh, trolleys, fences, cable raceways…

Examples of achievements

Examples of applications

Manufacturing capacity Prototype, medium and long runs
Sections Round Square
Products worked Metal wire Metal tubing Metal sheet
Secondary operations Bending Reworking welding (double-wire) Accessory welding with a welding robot Shearing
Examples of metal wire mesh Stainless steel mesh Mesh for internal partitions Oven racks Exhibition stands Standard mesh Metal shutters Seating frame structures
Materials Mild steel Galvanized mild steel Stainless steel (204CU, 304L, 316L, NS30) Zinc-plated steel Painted steel
Finishes Plain Galvanized Nickel/chrome-plated White zinc coated Epoxy paint (integrated paint chain)
Production equipment CNC cambering, chamfering and wire winding machines Welding robots Spot welding TIG and MIG welding Automatic electric welding