Jacquemet Production specialises in metal wire-working. We use bending, blanking, bowing, shaping and other secondary finishing operations to produce your two- or three-dimensional parts starting out from your drawings and/or samples.
Our customers ask us for a wide variety of parts that we can make to order on the strength of our extensive skill set.

Examples of achievements

Examples of applications

Wire dimensions 0.20 mm à 18 mm
Manufacturing capacity Prototype, medium and long runs
Sections Round Square
Secondary operations Swaging Drilling Chamfering Tapping Thread cutting from M4 to M18 Heading
Examples of shaped wire parts Wire handles Spikes Driver pins Metal rods Pins Double-cone springs Metal inserts
Materials Mild steel Inconel Galvanized mild steel Phosphor bronze Stainless steel Beryllium Spring steel Brass Titanium Shape memory alloys Copper
Finishes Black zinc coated Zinc-nickel White zinc coated Chrome-plated Zinc dichromate plated Cataphoresis Epoxy paint
Production techniques CNC cambering, chamfering and wire winding machines Mechanical presses Multiple-slide presses Heat treating air furnaces Spot welding